Welcome to Eco Infinite!

Why this server?

Unfortunately, many admins are intervening with the gameplay on their own server (this is understandable though). I offer a server without intervention (since i do not play on it, but will ban griefers etc. on player request). Instead, i will create some video reports every couple of days and interview players on the server and show it in a stream. This covers government elections, economic crises, shop openings and latest technologic discoveries!

This server is meant for long term gameplay. It is not that much about shooting down the asteroid fast, but instead to build a city, setup shops and supply chains, advanced social rules and laws and economics.


Because of bugs and compatibility issues, we have no gamechanging mods on this server. DiscordLink only mirrors the ingame chat with Discord

How to connect to the server & community

Eco Server Blog / Coverage

I am covering the development of the long term server in a blog either in text form or short videos. This also includes interviews with players to allow a closer look at the servers community.

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